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The Next Wave Mission.

Updated: Feb 18

Hello everyone and welcome to the Next Wave Blog! Just some quick context about me: my name is Scott Bagley, and I am the founder of Next Wave Media (NWM) a Rhode Island based digital marketing agency, I am a full time college student at Bryant University, a lover of sports, travel and creative endeavors. For me, happiness has always been linked to creating meaningful experiences. Thus, I founded my company with the vision of being able to center my life around the things that make me happy, as opposed to grinding the nine to five for the unforeseeable future, and running the risk of looking back on my life and not feeling fulfilled. As an introduction to my companies blog, I would like to fill you in with what our mission is at NWM, the things that drives us, why you might want to work with us in the future, or why you might just stop by to read the blog.

Only twenty years ago, digital marketing was the no-mans-land of business, perplexing most business owners large and small. Today, as we all see on a day-to-day basis, digital marketing is the single largest avenue companies use to disseminate information. Whether it is on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. the volume of digital advertisements have grown exponentially over the last two decades. In turn, the ability to differentiate your business, and attract eyes to your products has become more and more difficult. Today, the social channels are flooded with click bait, furus (fake gurus), and other generally inauthentic marketing material. In short, digital has become a hard area to operate.

This leads me to our overall mission at NWM, and what I believe will separate our company in the long run. We believe that in order to stand out in todays crowded marketplace, you must promote absolute authenticity. At NWM, we strive to promote products and services that improve human lives, not just simply grow our bottom or top line. In a world of inauthentic content, truth and real results shine through the rest. Better yet, once a product or service has actually improved a person's life experience, that person is more likely to be a recurring customer, and or recommend their friends and family to buy. It is a simple formula: educate, help, repeat. Educate the public of your incredible service, show that your product actually helps them, and watch the customers repeat the cycle.

At NWM, we are driven to establish ethical standards in the digital marketing world. Many have abused the incredible marketing tools that we possess, taking advantage of millions of consumers with sketchy sales tactics. Digital marketing is incredibly powerful; look no further than the infamous failed Fyre Music Festival. If you haven’t seen the Netflix documentary, the Fyre festival was a failed event promoted entirely through digital channels. With the use of digital marketing tools, the luxury event was sold out in less than one week, the only problem being that it was a complete sham. Thousands of concert goers had one of the worst experiences of their lives when they arrived on a remote Bahamian island to find that the event was a disaster. The lesson being that todays tools are more powerful than most realize, and the world is a much better place when they are used responsibly to promote life enhancing products. We believe that the days of selling useless products through clickbait advertisements are numbered, and the marketing successes of the future will be built on the premise of authenticity and transparency.

Think about this: do you know a business or company that does everything right but has not gotten the attention they properly deserve? If so, I encourage you to reach out to me here or through social and tell me your/their story. These are the businesses of the future, and those we hope to work with. NWM will tell your incredible success stories through video, photo and graphic content, disseminate this content to your ideal customer, position your business to scale revenues, and most importantly help improve consumers lives.


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